Ikampanya ang gusto mong presidente via anonymous SMS

Facebook is currently awash with an ocean of political posts. Some are honest views of admiration, many are criticisms of the running candidates, some are sponsored candidacy messages and a lot of them are propaganda to push up or bring down one candidate or another.  But one this is common with all of them — they’re all emotionally charged statements that spark even more emotional discussion.

It just underlies a strange facet of social media — we like to share our thoughts and minds, but venues like Facebook where we want everything to bright and sunny can suddenly turn into a war zone when we post about things that are very close to our hearts, and those of others.  Your friends who you thought were peaceful, supportive faces suddenly transform into bloodthirsty savages out to make you eat your every word.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Veems is an excellent alternative as a platform for freedom of expression and just airing your honest opinions. One way Veems lets you do this is by posting secretly and anonymously with the Secret SMS feature.



3 Ways to Gain More Followers on Veems’ Public Chat Room

Veems public chat has been wildly successful, and there’s actually a very good reason for that.

Unlike other chats, Veems Public Chats are about exploring new people. You aren’t limited to just your existing friends — Veems chats are a free form of expression and anyone can join in on the fun. It’s the kind of chat where you don’t need to backtrack on a conversation you missed. It’s about living in the moment — when you’re in the chat, that’s all that matters.

You can join existing chats, or more excitingly you can make your own personal public chat room, and of course fill it up with lots of other like-minded people who want to share their thoughts and experiences as freely as you do!

It’s like having your own living, breathing tambayan right on your phone, and moreover you have the option to be anonymous or to identify yourself — it’s about the freedom of sharing and expressing your thoughts, your way.

Of course, you want lots of people in on the action! Here are three good ways to do just that and build a great chat room.


1. Share with your existing followers

Veems has a very robust sharing mechanism built in. The first easy way is to share it with the people who already know you and follow you. Each message in a public chat has a menu bar with your sharing options. The first one, the double arrows in a circular motion, shares the content immediately to all your followers. If they like the content, they are sure to check it out and head straight to your chat!

2. Share on Facebook Groups

The second item is the familiar and super ubiquitous Facebook button. This shares the content to your Facebook account automatically. This does require you to have a Facebook account synced to your Veems profile, and those of you who signed up for an account using Facebook are all good to go.   The post appears on your Facebook wall and is linked bank to you on Veems.



3. Share with Specific Friends through Viber, Whatsapp or Messenger

Lastly, you can share interesting content with your friends on other apps like Viber, Whatsapp and Messenger! This is my favorite way of sharing Veems content, as you share it with people who you are already actively chatting with and talking with on a regular basis.

The shared content appears directly as a message in the chosen app and links back directly to your chatroom.



Come on ahead and join the fun! Don’t have your own chat room yet? Grab Veems and check out this article on setting up your very own chat.



The Top 5 Most Asked Questions when Downloading Veems

So you’ve heard about this hot new thing called Veems. It’s supposed to be this amazing app that can connect you to thousands of people, send secret messages, do your laundry and bring about world peace.  It sounds great! So where do I sign up?

The  great thing about Veems is that it’s incredibly easy to start and get into. But you may still have some questions about it, or there are things about it that you really haven’t wrapped your head around.

1. Is Veems available on iOS?

Veems is currently available exclusively on the Android platform. We would love to bring the Veems experience to more platforms, so we are focusing on making it the best it can be on Android.  However, a lot of people have been asking for an iOS version of Veems, and we are working hard to make it happen. We will let you know when Veems is available on the App Store.

2. What are the things I can do on Veems?

Veems is a social media platform where you can express yourself freely. Whether incognito in the anonymous chats and through Secret SMS, or by connecting directly with people you follow and in your own personal public chats, Veems encourages you to connect to others without limits.

The anonymous chats are a great place to express yourself without identifying who you are.

3. Do I need WiFi to use Veems?

You’ll need WiFi, or any kind of data connection. For as long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to make use of the best that Veems has to offer.  One of Veems’ best features, Secret SMS, works through your connection, and you can send SMS even without any load.

You don’t need load to send an SMS. Veems Secret SMS has you covered, sending for free to anyone in your contact book.

4. How do I sign up for a Veems account?

We recommend using your Facebook account to login to Veems. Veems will automatically remember your logon, making it a seamless experience. For those who would like to keep their Veems experience separate from Facebook, you can also signup through Google Plus, or by email.

5. Where can I get Veems?

Glad you asked. Veems is available on the Google Play Store, and we make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

Start now by downloading Veems here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 4.20.56 PM

How to Start a Your Own Public Chat Room on Veems

What’s up Veemers!! We have an exciting new feature that we’ve been dying to share with you all.  For those of you who have been with us for a while now, you’re surely familiar with Anonymous Chat. It’s been a smashing hit and it’s always busy 24/7.

If you haven’t experienced Anonymous Chat, you should give it a spin and see what the fuss is about.

For those who already know how awesome it is to be with one of the coolest online chat rooms in the Philippines, then we’ve got something even better: your very own public chat room!  It’s all the power and fun of Anonymous Chat, except on your terms, with the subject and theme of your choice.

Everyone can join in! Every Veemer can make his or her own chat room, it’s a great way to find new friends and create a nook about something you love.

Sounds great? I’m here to show you how.



10 na Pinaka Malungkot na Secret SMS sa Veems

Do you know the feeling when your world has fallen apart and you struggle under the weight of a thousand emotions? We’ve all been there, we’ve all had our feelings pushed to the limit at one time or another.

And when that happens, you just can’t resist to send out a mess age to someone special to you. And that’s what Veemers do with the 10 saddest SMS you can send.

10. Mahirap pero kakayanin. 

This is the sad reality of when you’re down on your luck and going through a hard time, but there are no real solutions but to tough it out. Someone using this is crying out with a still small voice for help, even if he or she doesn’t say it out loud.



If Miriam were to Send Veems’ Secret SMS to the Presidentiables

Miriam Defensor Santiago has been a staple of Philippine politics for decades, and she’s done a superb job bringing herself into pop culture with books like Stupid is Forever.

But in next month’s presidential elections she hasn’t done too well in the initial surveys. In the latest March poll from Pulse Asia, Miriam only got 3% support from the 1,800 voters surveyed.  Things aren’t looking good for the presidential hopeful, but Miriam has discovered life after the presidential race.

And that… is sending Secret SMS to her rival candidates!

At the start of the presidential race when it was only Mar Roxas, Miriam, Grace Poe and Jejomar Binay in the running, fears around Poe’s disqualification and Binay’s corruption scandal led her to believe that it would be a two man race between her and Mar.  Today, with both her and Mar trailing in the polls, she only has one thing to say.

“Ano? Kailan ba naging tayo?”




The Avengers Went Crazy Sending Secret SMS to Each Other!

Civil War is coming, but even without it, the Avengers haven’t always been a cohesive unit. You have them fighting with each other over little things, sometime big things, and you have some flirting, some just acting cool and aloof, but that’s what super heroes do, right?

Well something crazy just happened. The Avengers suddenly whipped out their smartphones, fired up Veems, and starting sending Secret SMS to each other! I never thought I’d see the day, but it tugs at my heart strings to see Veems so widely used that even the Avengers are using it.

Captain America knew that he had to tell Bucky how he really felt.

Good old Cap, he will never let Bucky down!


But things aren’t always good with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark…

“Sexist? How am I sexist?” Tony thought as the waitress walked on by. “Oolala nice ass baby…”
“Why you care so much? This is so hard…”
“What? When did I ever become abusive? I’ll get you for this Steve!”


And of course, when there’s a man and a woman, some flirting is bound to happen…

“Oh, that’s so sweet!”
“Oh, he really knows how to pour it on thick…”


But you know what? The really cool guys just chill.



There’s a lot of great things you can express through Veems Secret SMS!  The heroes are all doing it. So can you!

Download Veems to try sending out Secret SMS.