10 na Pinaka Malungkot na Secret SMS sa Veems

Do you know the feeling when your world has fallen apart and you struggle under the weight of a thousand emotions? We’ve all been there, we’ve all had our feelings pushed to the limit at one time or another.

And when that happens, you just can’t resist to send out a mess age to someone special to you. And that’s what Veemers do with the 10 saddest SMS you can send.

10. Mahirap pero kakayanin. 

This is the sad reality of when you’re down on your luck and going through a hard time, but there are no real solutions but to tough it out. Someone using this is crying out with a still small voice for help, even if he or she doesn’t say it out loud.

9. Sana makita mo yung tunay kong halaga.

Imagine friends or lovers who have been together through thick and thin, but one of them just take the other for granted. You’d like to voice out your frustrations on that too, right? Nobody likes being under appreciated.

8. Dota o ako?

The problem of every girl with a geek boyfriend. It’s never ending grief for his time over his computer games.  Nothing worse than being fresh out of the shower in a lace thong and your man not even giving you a second look. The struggle is real.

7. Ipaglalaban kita kahit hindi mo alam.

Oh, the sorrows of unrequited love. To all the Eponines out there: keep faith the apple of your eye will look your way soon! Or not. It’s a sad life you’ve chosen and there isn’t always light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Falling in love with you is so easy but moving on is so hard.

For those who have worked it into the relationship stage but the romance has died and the relationship has decayed into a rotting husk. Sometimes you have to let go, and let him or her know that with a Secret SMS.

5. Sana mapansin mo naman lahat ng ginagawa ko para sayo 🙁

Here’s yet another case of being sorely under appreciated. But this one is more emotive than before considering that you’ve done everything for that person but he or she just doens’t even realize you’re doing anything. It makes me want to go suicidal!


4. Sabi mo hindi ka iiwas? Bakit umiiwas ka na bigla? 🙁

Now we’re running into the realm of broken promises. It’s so hard to put your faith and trust in someone. It’s so easy to get hurt. But when they promise you the world it gets a little easier to give your trust, right? And all the harder when they pull the rug out from under you.  Why are you people such liars?

3. Remember me? You broke my life!

Forget broken promises. You just broke my life!! Not only was your life destroyed by that person, they totally forgot about you to boot! Talk about adding insult to injury. Salt to the wound. Reach for your phone for some cathartic release.

2. Crush mo daw ako. Is that why you CRUSHED my heart and left it broken?

Oh we’re getting into serious hugot territory now boys and girls. Save this one for when the love of your life just took your heart, ripped it to shreds and threw it out the window. Ouch.  When you send this one be careful not to throw your phone at the wall.


1. Mahal na mahal parin kita kahit ang sakit sakit na.

But even worse than being dumped and forgotten, is staying in a bad, even abusive relationship. Seriously guys, save yourself the grief. But if you can’t, just reach out for that phone and send the SMS. Though any couple in this mess will probably know who the other person is. And that’s really sad.



When your heart is ready to burst and you can’t take it any more, try sending a Veems Secret SMS. It might make you feel better to get your heartache out there.

Download Veems and send a Secret SMS to your loved ones.



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