5 Smooth Ways to Get Your Crush’s Phone Number

You met this girl or this guy and you had that instant feeling towards the person.  Damn, it’s crush at first sight.  Yes, crush since I really do not believe it’s all love all of a sudden.  Anyway, you don’t know the person personally and probably if you know the person it might be too awkward to ask for a phone number.  To help you with this predicament, here are 5 smooth ways to get your crush’s phone number.


  1. Pretend you lost your phone.  Anyone would not mind helping out someone in need.  Look agitated and worried and approach your crush then randomly ask her as if it was unplanned if he or she can miscall your phone so that you can find it.  Clever right?
  2. Give out your business card.  If your that type of person who has a business card you can approach the person and introduce yourself.  Try to impress her a bit and compliment her and then give your business card out. Most of the time the person will tell you she has none, so tell her that she could just write her number at the back of your card.  Nasty!
  3. Search on Facebook.  Did you know that most people had their contact numbers on Facebook?  Yes, indeed, all you have to do is get the name of the person and then search them on Facebook.  How do you get her name, which is a lot easier? Hmmmm… bump into her or do something slightly stupid then apologize about it.  After that introduce yourself and say, “… and you are?”  Splendid!
  4. 5-Smooth-Ways-to-Get-Your-Crush-Phone-Number2Pretend to be someone from the place.  If you are not familiar with each other you can pretend to be someone from the place.  You can pretend to be someone from customer service and ask her if the service is good then ask for her name and number so that you can get back to her about the concerns.  Despicable!
  5. Lastly, why not just go upfront and talk to the person.  Be friendly and casual and at the end of your conversation if all turns our well you can just ask for her number so that you can communicate after meeting each other.

Remember, all of these work for both sexes.   Now, that you have your crush’s phone number. It’s time for the next step. Send him/her a Secret SMS!  Yes, it’s very very secret and your identity will not be revealed unless of course you revealed it to the person.

Here’s how to do the secret SMS:

Download Veems and try Secret SMS. Tell your crush how you feel.  Just a gentle reminder not to be all creepy on your approach okay, otherwise you might give her the wrong impression.  Good luck!

Photo Credit:  http://salacia-mao.deviantart.com/

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