How to Be Famous Online (Plus tips on how to be famous on Veems)

So you want to be famous right?  Otherwise you will not be reading this post or are you just curious to know the secret on how to be famous using social media? Well, being a digital marketing person and a social media advocate since 2007, I want to share some of the basic tips on how you can make it big online.

The basics.  Of course if you want to be famous online you have to create an online presence.  That means you need to have a Facebook profile to start with.  Add your friends and be friendly.  Post interesting stuff, get to meet people and engage them online. Make your Facebook as awesome and as cool as possible.  Never be a bashed, okay?  That might make you famous but it ain’t cool.


Interacting online.  If you want to be famous online, you need to interact with other people but first you need to pause and ask yourself, “why do I want to be famous?”  This will be very important since it will define who you are.  Now that you have a Facebook profile then why not create a Facebook page.  A page is searchable in Google and is more public.  Use this in order to create a platform to share what you want to share.  Keeping your profile private and safe is key since this is your personal space.

Start interacting with other people – comment, like and share their posts.  Join relevant Facebook groups and like relevant pages.  Post regularly in your page about topics related to what you have created.

Viral is key.  If you want to be famous online you need to create viral posts.  These are posts which are very interesting that people will engage with them, share them, comment on them and talk about it over and over again.  It is not easy to create a viral post since sometimes it will happen when you least expected it.


Expand to other social media platforms.  If what you are doing is not working on Facebook then explore other social media platforms like Twitter, Vine, Musical.ly, Instagram and more.  Remember that not all social media works the same so be sure to check them out and also get some insights from already famous people on that social media.

One of the many social platforms now available for you is Veems.   On Veems, it combines what you love about social media and private messaging. You can follow other users and featured profiles, get public updates from them, or enter into a private chat. So, how do you become famous on Veems? Well, as we covered earlier, you need interaction. What’s great about Veems is that you are rewarded by how active you are. You earn points and level up and you get exposed to more people.

You can also ask the Veems Team for your profile to be featured under the Feature tab. Being featured there is like a gold mine for getting followers. 🙂 Erwin Anciano, the blogger behind eMuncher.com, reached more than 5000 followers in a matter of days. Of course, that’s because he shares great content and is always active on Veems. Usually, people who get featured are bloggers, celebrities and other public personalities.

Of course, users can also become famous too. Issa and Aki Saab Lee are favorite Veemers. They are always wanted on the Anonymous public chat (some already know their nicknames). And they share fun, interesting content all the time.

screenshot of the walking dead public chat on veems
Join public chats to connect with other Veemers and get followers

Try out Veems now and find out if you can make yourself one of the greatest and most famous Veemer in the world.  Download Veems now and start your quest to being an online sensation.

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