Do this and Senpai will notice you

I had been an avid Anime fan since I was about 5 years old.  Those were the days of Astroboy, Macross and Voltez V.  As I grew up I followed every anime and then in 2010, I became a cosplayer until today.  During all those years I have seen how people try to get noticed.  Well, you are lucky because now you will know how to get noticed by Senpai, do this and surely Senpai will notice you. (more…)


5 Smooth Ways to Get Your Crush’s Phone Number

You met this girl or this guy and you had that instant feeling towards the person.  Damn, it’s crush at first sight.  Yes, crush since I really do not believe it’s all love all of a sudden.  Anyway, you don’t know the person personally and probably if you know the person it might be too awkward to ask for a phone number.  To help you with this predicament, here are 5 smooth ways to get your crush’s phone number. (more…)