Tell Someone How You Feel. Send FREE Anonymous Text Message on Veems.

Admit it. If there’s a way you can tell someone how you truly feel without them knowing it’s you, you’d do it. Well, now you can!

On Veems, we’re all about sharing your true feelings. So, with the new update, we allow you to send FREE anonymous text message.

Whether you’re confessing your feelings to your crush or saying sorry to a coworker, we’ve got it for you.

Not on Veems yet? Make sure to download it here: http://bit.ly/getveems.

Already on Veems? Make sure to update!

Now, that is out of the way, let’s start sending our secrets! 🙂

Here’s how: 

screenshont of veems

Remember you can only send pre-loaded messages.

We’ve researched the most common emotions

and things we’d like to say to the people around us.

All you have to do is pick the right message!

screenshot of sms anonymous on veems

You can send to anyone who’s in your contacts.

screenshot of contact on veems

Imagine telling someone how beautiful they are,

or how much you love them, or how sorry you really were!

Now, imagine getting this message yourself.

Wouldn’t you just feel beautiful?

screenshot of anonymous sms on veems

Don’t worry.

They won’t know it’s you. Unless…

screenshot of how anonymous sms will appear to receiver

…You choose to confess. When the person receives the anonymous SMS and downloads Veems,he/she will be able to reply to your message. But they won’t know it’s you.

Unless you confess and tell them it’s you!

Go ahead and try it!

Download Veems now.

#FreeYourFeelings and Send a #SecretSMS!

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