Do this and Senpai will notice you

I had been an avid Anime fan since I was about 5 years old.  Those were the days of Astroboy, Macross and Voltez V.  As I grew up I followed every anime and then in 2010, I became a cosplayer until today.  During all those years I have seen how people try to get noticed.  Well, you are lucky because now you will know how to get noticed by Senpai, do this and surely Senpai will notice you.

What does Senpai mean?  According to our best friend Wikipedia, “In Japan, senpai (先輩?) is an upperclassman or upperclasswoman, someone of a higher age, or senior and kōhai (後輩?) is a protégé or junior.   The senpai is roughly equivalent to the Western concept of a mentor, while kōhai is roughly equivalent to protégé, though they do not imply as strong a relationship as these words mean in the West. More simply, these may be translated as senior and junior, or as an elder compared with someone younger in the family, company, or organization; the terms are used more widely than a true mentor/protégé in the West and are applied to all members of one group that are senior (the senpai) to all the members of another group (the kōhai).”


That means if you are looking at someone as your Senpai it means that you are in some way recognizing an aspect of that person.  You considered him/her as your teacher and you as a mentor.   Therefore when someone say, “Notice me Senpai.” in someway it defeats the purpose of the true meaning since through this the world becomes synonymous to an idol.

Now on with the topic, how to get noticed by your Senpai?

  • Stalk your Senpai.  Okay, I am not being a bad influence here but this one would surely work specially if your Senpai are someone who is really big like a Japanese Seiyu (voice actor), an idol, or a celebrity.  When I say stalk just follow them on their social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  Engage them and do a conversation with them.  Not too much though because you might annoy them.
  • Introduce yourself.  Well, this is a direct approach.  Go and talk to your Senpai.  Tell him/her how impressed you are and that you want to learn more.  Ask your Senpai if you can be his/her kohai or  protégé, who know’s your Senpai might just say yes.
  • Collaborate with Senpai.  If you are a cosplayer, a writer or is fashionate about something ask Senpai if he is also interested in the same line of work and if he/she would agree to collaborate with you.  There is nothing more rewarding than working with Senpai. OMG!
  • Try to get noticed.  This is very popular and I know most of you already know this.  When your Senpai post on social media just post the meme “Notice me senpai,” and most of the time he/she will indeed notice you.


  • Send your senpai a message.  This would definitely get you noticed.  Just send him/her a message via social media or via SMS. Hmmm… I see you are shy to do that.  Then, we have a solution for you try the Veems Secret SMS and you can send your Senpai a message discreetly.  Again don’t be too annoying because instead of getting noticed you might end up in jail.

We have talked about Veems’ Secret SMS, what the hell is that?  Well check out the video below and start sending an SMS to Senpai.

Cool right?  Now DOWNLOAD VEEMS and start sending your Senpai a message.


If you like this post and you have a friend who wants to be noticed by Senpai share this post.  Help a kohai get noticed.


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