Famous Users and Bloggers on Veems (And Why You Should Follow Them)

We all love to get updated online and also to follow people whom we share a common interest with.  Most of the time we are entertained by what they post or it adds up to our knowledge about things.  This time let me introduce you to some of the famous users and bloggers on Veems and why you should follow them.



Azrael Coladilla.  He is a lifestyle blogger and is one of the pioneering bloggers in the Philippines, a good friend as well.  I met him way back 2008.  Why follow Azrael?  Well he share his adventures around the metro, geek stuff, food and lifestyle posts.


Jaja.  This pretty girl always amuses her followers including me.  Follow her daily life and cool stuff that she’s been up to.


Erwin Anciano.  Do you love food?  Well, if you do following this guy is a must.  Erwin is the blogger behind Emuncher.com.  He shares food porn, restaurant experiences and recommendations and more.  I always get hungry reading the posts of this guy.  Yummy!


Vanessa Lopa.  As a cosplayer myself I love seeing her posts.  Lolita fashion is way to cool to be ignored so if you want to see the latest Lolita fashion trends go and follow her.


Fabio Ide.  If you do not know yet, yes he is on Veems.  This cool and handsome guy shares a lot about his TV shows, experiences and interacts with Veemers.  Never miss a post from Fabio ever.


Angel Malit.  The famous and sexy hottie and FHM model who shares things about her day to day light.  Let her fill your daily Veems with her beauty and things she loves.  Is it hot in here or it is just Angel?



Tonette Nicolas..  She is the owner of HealthJunkie.ph.  If you want to know more about how to be healthy just follow her and get all the cool content that she shares including health.


Miss Valerie Tan.  This TV Host/Blogger will give you a great day everyday.  Follow her travel and fabulous fashion posts.


Neneng Wig.  Giggle and laugh at her funny stuff from her life as an artist and Nicki Minaj kalokalike.


Stephanie.  Our good friend from Australia shares about her travel and some beauty tips and secrets.  Get a slice of the land down under.


Irene Enriquez (aka Inang Reyna of Veems).  Who would have known this pretty girl.  She is one of the reasons we all know Veems.  Get exclusive stories about the Veems Team, her love of boots, and her crazy selfies.



David D’Angelo.  Yes that’s me.  Why would I not include my name in the list when I am writing about this, right? Follow my blog posts usually about business and my usual crazy life as a blogger, cosplayer and social activist.

These are just a few of the featured Veemers and remember you can also ask the Veems Team for your profile to be featured under the Feature tab. Being featured there is like a gold mine for getting followers.

Now for some of our POPULAR VEEMERS:


Issa.  This Veemer is known for cool poetry and hugot lines, and her selfies of course!


Jhaila.  Read about her inspiring poetry works and music.


Aki Saab.  Dubbed as the Hugot King of Veems, you will always find inspiration amidst all the love problems you have in life.

So there you have it.  Veems is an inspiring and very interactive community with lots of cool features.  They are also pretty much cool about how you feel.  Download Veems now and start interacting with a lot of cool people.


*Featured image credit to Azrael of Azrael’s Merryland. 

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