If Batman and Superman were to send Secret SMS to each other

Let’s face it. While they have super strength and super intelligence, superheroes suck when it comes to expressing their emotions. That’s why the Veems Team thinks that sending a Secret SMS to each other is perfect for Clark and Bruce.


screenshot of the anonymous sms on Veems Secret SMS
Did you hurt anyone from the office? Send this secret sms to say sorry.




screenshot of the anonymous sms message on Veems secret sms
Have that teammate who does not nothing but gets all the credit? Now’s your chance to tell him without knowing him it’s you.



These messages are actual messages from Veems’ Secret SMS–under the “Work” category. You can send them as an anonymous SMS to anyone in your contact list.

You might not be a superhero, but surely, you have a few colleagues in the office that probably deserve these messages.

Download Veems’ to try the sending Secret SMS. 

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