Ikampanya ang gusto mong presidente via anonymous SMS

Facebook is currently awash with an ocean of political posts. Some are honest views of admiration, many are criticisms of the running candidates, some are sponsored candidacy messages and a lot of them are propaganda to push up or bring down one candidate or another.  But one this is common with all of them — they’re all emotionally charged statements that spark even more emotional discussion.

It just underlies a strange facet of social media — we like to share our thoughts and minds, but venues like Facebook where we want everything to bright and sunny can suddenly turn into a war zone when we post about things that are very close to our hearts, and those of others.  Your friends who you thought were peaceful, supportive faces suddenly transform into bloodthirsty savages out to make you eat your every word.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Veems is an excellent alternative as a platform for freedom of expression and just airing your honest opinions. One way Veems lets you do this is by posting secretly and anonymously with the Secret SMS feature.



If Miriam were to Send Veems’ Secret SMS to the Presidentiables

Miriam Defensor Santiago has been a staple of Philippine politics for decades, and she’s done a superb job bringing herself into pop culture with books like Stupid is Forever.

But in next month’s presidential elections she hasn’t done too well in the initial surveys. In the latest March poll from Pulse Asia, Miriam only got 3% support from the 1,800 voters surveyed.  Things aren’t looking good for the presidential hopeful, but Miriam has discovered life after the presidential race.

And that… is sending Secret SMS to her rival candidates!

At the start of the presidential race when it was only Mar Roxas, Miriam, Grace Poe and Jejomar Binay in the running, fears around Poe’s disqualification and Binay’s corruption scandal led her to believe that it would be a two man race between her and Mar.  Today, with both her and Mar trailing in the polls, she only has one thing to say.

“Ano? Kailan ba naging tayo?”