The Avengers Went Crazy Sending Secret SMS to Each Other!

Civil War is coming, but even without it, the Avengers haven’t always been a cohesive unit. You have them fighting with each other over little things, sometime big things, and you have some flirting, some just acting cool and aloof, but that’s what super heroes do, right?

Well something crazy just happened. The Avengers suddenly whipped out their smartphones, fired up Veems, and starting sending Secret SMS to each other! I never thought I’d see the day, but it tugs at my heart strings to see Veems so widely used that even the Avengers are using it.

Captain America knew that he had to tell Bucky how he really felt.

Good old Cap, he will never let Bucky down!


But things aren’t always good with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark…

“Sexist? How am I sexist?” Tony thought as the waitress walked on by. “Oolala nice ass baby…”
“Why you care so much? This is so hard…”
“What? When did I ever become abusive? I’ll get you for this Steve!”


And of course, when there’s a man and a woman, some flirting is bound to happen…

“Oh, that’s so sweet!”
“Oh, he really knows how to pour it on thick…”


But you know what? The really cool guys just chill.



There’s a lot of great things you can express through Veems Secret SMS!  The heroes are all doing it. So can you!

Download Veems to try sending out Secret SMS.

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