If Miriam were to Send Veems’ Secret SMS to the Presidentiables

Miriam Defensor Santiago has been a staple of Philippine politics for decades, and she’s done a superb job bringing herself into pop culture with books like Stupid is Forever.

But in next month’s presidential elections she hasn’t done too well in the initial surveys. In the latest March poll from Pulse Asia, Miriam only got 3% support from the 1,800 voters surveyed.  Things aren’t looking good for the presidential hopeful, but Miriam has discovered life after the presidential race.

And that… is sending Secret SMS to her rival candidates!

At the start of the presidential race when it was only Mar Roxas, Miriam, Grace Poe and Jejomar Binay in the running, fears around Poe’s disqualification and Binay’s corruption scandal led her to believe that it would be a two man race between her and Mar.  Today, with both her and Mar trailing in the polls, she only has one thing to say.

“Ano? Kailan ba naging tayo?”


Following the Supreme Court overturning Poe’s disqualification ruling and allowing her to run for the Presidency, Miriam famously said, “You have the gall to insist on being President!”

For sure, Miriam wants nothing more than to put Grace Poe behind her, even if it will never happen and Poe continues to lead the polls with Miriam trailing behind.

“Huh? What did I ever do to you?”

On the other hand, with Binay facing corruption charges yet somehow managing to get back into re-election, Miriam has certainly had enough of him. Saying that Binay’s re-election should not miraculously absolve him of his crimes, there’s no doubt she wants no more Binay in government!

“Anukamo? Di pag kaunti lang ako okay lang?”

But of course Miriam will never forget her knight in shining armor who stood up for her in the first presidential debates. Duterte stating that only she and Miriam were qualified to run the country won over Miriam’s support, and netizens called their tandem “DuRiam.”

screenshot of veems secret sms a feature that allows you to send anonymous sms to anyone in your contact list
This is the actual Secret SMS that you can send for free to anyone in your contact list via Veems.
“Mabuti hindi DuMi ang tinawag sa love team natin.”

The future is uncertain for the presidentiables, even with elections just 30 days away. But Miriam can rest assured that she can send Secret SMS no matter what happens, and so can you!

Download Veems’ to try the sending Secret SMS.


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