Why Drunk Texting is Better with Veems’ Secret SMS

I’m here with a bottle of Red Horse and I’m fading in and out. My head is throbbing and I can’t see a thing, but inside me I can feel it, the monster clawing out of my chest and making me want to shout it out loud!

I love you! You suck!!! Why are you so beautiful? I miss you na. I want to see you.

But no! I can’t. I’m drunk and I’m gonna have a horrible hangover tomorrow. I can’t possibly say this out loud. I’m afraid! Buti pa yung kape, matapang. Ako duwag.


I know you’ve been in my shoes. Heck, you could be in my shoes right now!  Alone, with no friends, no one to give you the courage. But when you’re drunk, words seem to whisper. So you want to get drunk.


In your drunken stupor, my words whispering to you, I’m telling you to pick up your phone and send a Veems Secret SMS!   That’s the beauty of being drunk, my friend. You listen to every single thing I say. Go ahead, pick up that phone. It’ll be good for you.


When you send a Veems Secret SMS:

  • Nobody will know it’s you! So you can send it to your object of desire without fear of rejection or reprisal!
  • You can say what you really feel! Choose from any category of message available – there are eight. You can tell him how much you miss him, or you can talk about work.
  • You can be plastered and still send a sensible message! All messages are pre-written so you can’t mess it up.
  • You don’t have to worry about load. It’s free!

It’s so easy, here let me show you:

What are you waiting for? Your hangover to clear?  Don’t worry it’ll be gone in the morning. Or mid-morning.  Grab Veems and send that text now, you have everything to gain and nothing to regret.

Head over to http://bit.ly/getveems to install the app and send an anonymous text today!





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